Thursday , Jan , 10 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Rasheed Wallace a Liability for the Detroit Pistons?

Forward Rasheed Wallace spoke with reporters Wednesday for the first time since he left the Palace without showering shortly after the Pistons’ loss to Boston on Saturday.But he didn’t say much…Although Wallace wouldn’t elaborate on what bothered him, there are a few safe guesses. He couldn’t have been pleased to see Celtics rookie Glen Davis score 16 points in the fourth quarter after defensive breakdowns on the perimeter allowed him to get open.

Pistons forward Antonio McDyess admitted to that. ‘Had (Davis) scored 20 points total this year?’ McDyess asked. ‘That’s very disappointing to see him score 20 points on us. We’re supposed to be a good defensive team without having help. It’s just kind of leaving us bigs on an island when we go help. It’s kind of frustrating.’ Click here for more from the Detroit Free Press.