Friday , Jan , 11 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jerry West Fit for New York Knicks GM Job?

Has the bizarre behavior of Zeke & Destroy finally cost him?What other coach would hop onto the hardwood to get up close and personal with a gendarme with his team in decent position to capture consecutive contests for the first time since late November? Thomas admitted he tried to cause a scene to draw attention to his belief Yao Ming was on bivouac in the paint.

Surely he’s aware a protest 10 feet out on the floor is grounds for instant ejection. When there have been so many blowout losses to choose from, it’s anybody’s guess what possessed him to do it early in the fourth quarter of a very winnable game…Jerry West and Jerry Colangelo eagerly await Doughland’s call. FYI: Contrary to inaccurate talk-show babble and an unswerving disregard for doing homework on all fronts by Daily News columnist Mitch Lawrence, both free agent executives would welcome the challenge to re-wire the Garden.  Click here for more from the New  York Post.