Friday , Jan , 11 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Time for Stephon Marbury to Move On

Isiah Thomas said this week that all of his players are ‘untouchable.’ Apparently, Stephon Marbury didn’t get the message. For the first time since he was traded to the Knicks four years ago, Marbury expressed uncertainty on Thursday that he will be a Knick next season…Marbury maintained that he had plans to play overseas in the future, repeating a statement he made over the summer about playing in Italy once his contract is up.

Marbury’s deal with the Knicks runs through next season. He also didn’t dismiss the idea of finishing his career in another uniform. ‘I love playing basketball in New York, but I’m no fool,’ he said. "This is a business, period. That’s all it is and all it’s ever going to be.’ In the past, Marbury has mocked the media for even bringing up the possibility of Thomas – whom he considered a close  confidant – trading him. Marbury would claim that he and Thomas – the Knicks coach, team president and Marbury’s neighbor – were too tight for Thomas to even consider trading him. But things between the point guard and president soured this season after Marbury left the Knicks and skipped a game when Thomas threatened to reduce his role. Click here for more from the New York Daily News.