Friday , Jan , 11 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Is Andre Miller Nearly Out the Door in Philadelphia?

The Sixers – this just in – are not very good, and few of their players are coveted by the rest of the league. Stefanski already jettisoned one of the few moveable pieces, shooter Kyle Korver, to gain additional flexibility under the salary cap. The trading deadline arrives next month, and there is the expectation that Stefanski will not let the opportunity pass without doing something else.

Veteran point guard Andre Miller is the next logical choice for relocation. He would help any number of teams and will probably have drifted into retirement or a reserve role by the time the Sixers are able to legitimately compete.Stefanski is holding that card closely, however. Maybe the assumption is correct, maybe it isn’t. But there is no sense tipping off the rest of the league. ‘I’m not calling people to see what I can do with Andre,’ Stefanski said. ‘People call me, and sometimes we talk about him. He’s a good point guard, and he’s respected around the league.’ Click here for more from the Philadelphia Inquirer.