Monday , Jan , 14 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

How Far are the New York Knicks From a Championship?

Isiah Thomas’ continued existence at Madison Square Garden has the NBA watching with morbid curiosity. One team executive,  who was at the Garden recently, wondered how Thomas has lasted this long. ‘What’s it going to take?’ he said.It seemed even  Thomas was wondering aloud Saturday when he said ‘when it happens,’ regarding the potential of being fired. Recently he referred to being a mason, who lays the concrete for a house but doesn’t get to live in it. So before last night’s game against the Pistons, Thomas was asked to clarify.

‘In New York, every word is analyzed,’ he said with an amused smile. ‘I guess the word would be ‘if’ and not ‘when.’He also said his recent manner of thinking is ‘not that I feel the end is near. I know we’re not going to win a championship this year.’ Though he admits his roster is not filled with championship-caliber players, Thomas said he is against making changes. ‘I still feel that when you’re in this type of situation and how far we’ve come even though our record doesn’t show, this is a dangerous time where you as a manager can seriously make a mistake that will set you back another three to four years,’ he said. Click here for more from the