Monday , Jan , 14 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Isiah Thomas and Stephon Marbury ‘Off’ Again

On Thursday, Stephon Marbury openly speculated about getting traded. The next night, after a loss to the Toronto Raptors, he questioned his role on the team, saying, ‘I didn’t get paid the money I got paid to do what I’m doing now.’Last night, Marbury watched the game on TV from the locker-room area, curiously out of the lineup with what coach Isiah Thomas described as ‘some problems with his foot.’ Adding to the mystery of Marbury’s latest absence, Thomas refused to discuss Marbury’s comments about his role, which included this gem: ‘I got paid to be a scoring guard. Now, I’m playing more of a passive role.’

If he decides to play? What is the problem with his foot? Did it get run over by a Range Rover? The conspiracy theories already were spinning when Thomas fueled them even more after the game when he said he’s ‘not sure’ when Marbury will be back. Then he deadpanned, ‘I was so focused on the game, I didn’t know he wasn’t on the bench.’I didn’t know he got hurt, and nobody can seem to remember that detail, either. Click here for more from the