Tuesday , Jan , 15 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Are the New York Knicks Fed Up with Isiah Thomas?

When Isiah Thomas talks, people diss him and polygraphs dismiss him. Like the last four or five days when every word (as opposed to every other word) emitted by the False Prophet was dishonest. Let’s examine his most egregious statement, his claim to be against making personnel changes: ‘I still feel that when you’re in this type of situation and how far we’ve come even though our record doesn’t show, this is a dangerous time where you as a manager can seriously make a mistake that will set you back another three to four years,’ he said. ‘We just got to hunker down and take our medicine and work through this process…’ 

Forget for the moment about the Sandman and the lousy job he’s doing; where’s that Ancient Booer from ‘The Princess Bride’ when there’s a need to shout down Buttercup, er, the Knicks’ phony king? The truth is, contrary to Thomas’ denial when word got out, GM Glen Grunwald initiated a trade call last week to Bucks GM Larry Harris in an effort to trade Zach Randolph. No hedging, no fudging, no qualifying, no lie.Click here for more from the New York Post.