Wednesday , Jan , 16 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Chicago Bulls Flirting with Possible Implosion

Falling to 14-22 and hardly competitive, several Bulls players on the bench late seemed relatively indifferent to the result. It was perhaps a worse message than the events of the evening, which were discouraging as well.Apparently it led to a dispute in the locker room as rookie Joakim Noah complained about the attitude on the bench and argued with veteran Ben Wallace. One witness said Luol Deng had to step between them to ease the tension.With all that’s going on internally, perhaps it was no surprise that interim coach Jim Boylan was sounding Skiles-esque in his disgust with the Bulls.’The lack of effort in the third quarter was unacceptable,’ Boylan said about a 32-10 Magic run. ‘Probably the worst third quarter since I’ve been with the Chicago Bulls. Lack of effort all the way across the board from just about everybody, lack of concentration and focus. Click here for more from the Chicago Tribune.