Wednesday , Jan , 16 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Nene’s Career in Jeopardy?

Fate came randomly for Nene.The NBA randomly selected the 25-year-old Nuggets forward for a drug test and the results detected something abnormal. Doctors soon found a tumor. Monday, Nene had a testicular tumor removed surgically. He now awaits the results of a biopsy to determine if cancer is present.’I was like, ‘Wow, they can find that out in a drug test?’

Teammate Steven Hunter said. ‘It’s very scary, but (he’s) very lucky.’ While the results are pending, the tumor was caught at an early stage, which is reassuring.’With early diagnosis, your survival rate should be 99 percent. It’s really a medical success story,’ said E. David Crawford, a urologist and cancer specialist at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.Nene released a statement on his website, saying in part, ‘I want to thank my fans, my teammates, the Nuggets organization and everyone that’s been supporting me. My victory will be their victory as well.’ Click here for more from the Denver Post.