Thursday , Jan , 17 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Maurice Cheeks’ Days Numbered in Philadelphia?

It has been a difficult time for 76ers coach Maurice Cheeks as he guides an undermanned team in what could be a lame-duck season.Cheeks is coaching the final season of his three-year contract. Despite having one of his top offensive threats, Kyle Korver, traded in a move that could help the team in a future that Cheeks may not be part of, the Sixers coach keeps grinding it out.The best thing that anybody could say about this 15-24 Sixers team is that the players haven’t quit on their coach.

And in professional sports, while that shouldn’t be lauded, it’s something that doesn’t always happen. Through it all, Cheeks has made it a point to downplay the subject of his job status.’I don’t want [job status] to be an issue with the team and don’t want them to feel any way about it,’ Cheeks said after yesterday’s voluntary practice at the Toyota Center. ‘I want them to go out and try to win basketball games.’Cheeks has remained unwavering in his belief in his players. On Tuesday, he
was rewarded with a resilient performance. Click here for more from the Philadelphia Inquirer.