Sunday , Jan , 20 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Who Wants Sam Cassell?

Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy did not say that Saturday, but he accepted the premise that teams probably will make serious offers for the veteran point guard.

"At some point if a team is out of it, other teams might ask: Would you be interested in a young player for your older veteran guy? Would you be interested in a (draft) pick? Would you be interested in money?" Dunleavy said. "But it has to get further down to the trading deadline to really know what teams will be interested in doing."

The coach also accepted the fact that rumors are flying around, and even confirmed that he heard one about Cassell going to the Boston Celtics.

"I don’t know who we’d take from Boston," Dunleavy joked. "But if they offered Kevin Garnett, I’d probably take it. Ray Allen or Paul Pierce, maybe I’d have to consider." [Click here for more from the Los Angeles Daily News.]