Wednesday , Jan , 23 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

New York Knicks Could Buy Out Stephon Marbury

Stephon Marbury had surgery on his left ankle Tuesday, a routine procedure that was described as successful, but with the ultimate outcome yet unknown. Even New York’s finest doctors cannot project where Marbury’s serpentine career is headed…His mercurial nature has eroded his standing with the franchise and with fans. And his contract, which expires in 17 months,  makes it seem certain that Marbury is nearing the end of a bitterly disappointing run in New York.

The Knicks are expected to  shop Marbury’s expiring contract (worth $22 million) to teams looking for salary-cap relief this summer. If that fails, they could pursue a buyout. Team officials avoid talking about Marbury’s future, which is clearly an uncomfortable subject. Isiah Thomas, who acquired Marbury to great fanfare on Jan. 5, 2004, declined to talk about Marbury’s time with the team. Click here for more from the New York Times.