Sunday , Jan , 27 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Avery Johnson: Devin Harris Becoming an All-Star

"Devin Harris has grown," Johnson said. "Next year, you may be talking about Devin Harris as an All-Star. Who knows? That would be a thrill."

If Johnson was guilty of anything with that statement, it wasn’t of overhyping Harris. If anything, he’s selling the 6-3 point guard short this season.

While Harris is not a threat to make the All-Star Game this year, his play of late has been on par with some of the best point guards in the Western Conference. It’s a crowded group, which includes Chris Paul of New Orleans, Deron Williams of Utah, Baron Davis of Golden State, Steve Nash of Phoenix, Tony Parker of San Antonio and Denver’s Allen Iverson, who visits the Mavericks today. [Click here for more from the Dallas Morning News.]