Monday , Jan , 28 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Kidd Could Leave New Jersey

In or out? Nobody’s sure about Jason Kidd anymore.  He may wear the uniform, but every last teammate now wonders whether his heart is in it, as long as that uniform says NETS across the front. In or out? Nobody can be sure. Not even the boss. ‘Am I convinced that all of my players want to be here?’ Rod Thorn asked, repeating a question in very clipped delivery.

‘I think how they perform on the court indicates whether that is true or not true.’ Kidd is not exactly being treated like a pariah, but word spread quickly among his teammates about his trade request — even though the team deliberately didn’t pass out the daily press clips — and one teammate found it odd that he was seen eating breakfast alone yesterday at the team’s hotel. Click here for more from the Newark Star Ledger