Tuesday , Jan , 29 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Boston Celtics Also in Running for PG

Pat Riley understands how a franchise can step on the gas pedal and pull into the fast lane. He was the one who got Shaquille O’Neal from the Lakers to the Heat. That move was key in getting Miami from 42 to 59 wins in the first season and to an NBA championship in the second. The Celtics move for Kevin Garnett might some day be seen in similar terms. ‘They built a franchise that had seven, eight, nine pretty good assets, but those assets weren’t showing the kind of progress in winning,’ Riley said after Heat practice yesterday in preparation for tonight’s game against the Celts.

‘They were showing development. The players were getting better and better, but it wasn’t translating into wins…The Celtics still are actively investigating a potential acquisition at point guard, but don’t expect them to go hard after just any experienced dribbler. Danny Ainge remains wary of upsetting what’s already in place in this process, so he appears to be moving cautiously. Click here for more from the Boston Herald.