Wednesday , Jan , 30 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Zach Randolph and Isiah Thomas Not Seeing Eye to Eye

Zach Randolph did not agree with Isiah Thomas’ decision to use a smaller lineup for most of the Knicks’ loss to Golden State on Sunday night.Randolph and Eddy Curry were on the floor together for only 13 minutes against the Warriors. Curry played three minutes in the first half after picking up his second foul, but neither player was in foul trouble in the second half. Asked if he felt that matching down to the smaller, quicker Warriors was the right move, Randolph said: ‘Nah, that ain’t the right way. The right way – how I know, coaches I had in the NBA and in college – they tell me we don’t care how we match up, they gotta match up to us. That’s what I learned playing in the NBA and college.’

Curry complained afterward that he didn’t feel he was involved enough in the offense. Randolph attempted just two shots in the second half. On Monday, Thomas implied that Randolph, who had five first-half assists, was too concerned with getting points in the second half and not doing enough other things to help the team. ‘I don’t know, Coach took us out,’ Randolph said. ‘You have to ask him, he’s the one who took us out. I was playing hard, playing defense. I guess he just wanted to go  another way.Randolph disagrees with the commonly held belief that he isn’t willing to pass when he is double-teamed. Click here for more from the New York Daily News.