Thursday , Jan , 31 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Cleveland Cavaliers Looking For a Way to Land Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd + LeBron James = a title? ‘It’s that easy,’ James said in a proclamation that should make you glad he’s a basketball player and not your portfolio manager. It wouldn’t be easy even in comparison to acquiring Kidd, which for the Cavs is next to impossible. The Nets would not only have to want to deal Kidd within the Eastern Conference, ignoring entreaties from Dallas and others. But adding Larry Hughes’ bloated contract when they already have a financial blimp in Vince Carter? 

A third team would be necessary to give the Nets the mix of young players, draft picks and expiring contracts they want. But assuming the Cavs could pull it off – and that was the context of James’ reference to winning a title with the greatest of ease – I still wouldn’t pick them to get past Boston. They would have to make substantial subtractions from their team (maybe Drew Gooden, Boobie Gibson) to bring Kidd to town and enjoy the right to pay him about $40 million over the next two seasons. Click here for more from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.