Saturday , Feb , 02 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Mark Cuban Would Give Jason Kidd $20 Million Extension

AS widely reported, the Mavericks are the most interested Jason Kidd suitor. The reverse is true, as well. Aside from Dallas being a legitimate championship contender as currently comprised (a prerequisite), a source close to agent Jeff Schwartz claims Mark Cuban would be willing to give Kidd the one-year, $20 million extension (for 2009-2010) he was unable to get from the Nets.

At the same time, trade talk between the two teams has been brief. "Some ideas have been exchanged," according to someone in the know, "but nothing is close."

Not with Dallas. Not with any team.

"They want what we don’t want to give up," reports a Mavericks hall monitor. [Click here for more from the New York Post.]