Saturday , Feb , 02 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Pat Riley: We’re Not Shopping Shaquille O’Neal

”I’m not commenting on rumors and reports anymore, but that’s not true,” said coach Pat Riley on Thursday, refuting an O’Neal trade report for the second time in January.

O’Neal was unavailable for comment following the Heat’s film session Thursday.

He is averaging a career-low 14.2 points this season, which ranks second among centers in the conference behind East starting center Dwight Howard. He has missed 12 games because of injury. O’Neal could have been voted in as a tribute to his achievements by the Eastern conference coaches.

”Hopefully, I’ll get in,” O’Neal said last week. ”If not, it happens to the best. I remember when Patrick Ewing, my favorite player, didn’t get it — Hakeem Olajuwon and David Robinson — all those guys.” [Click here for more from the Miami Herald.]