Wednesday , Feb , 06 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Phil Jackson Still Angling for Jason Kidd

The view from the other side of the map is pretty clear for Phil Jackson: On the subject of the Nets, he has carved out a clear position, one that sympathizes with one star and bashes another. The Lakers coach was asked to assess the Nets’ wretched plight last night, and Jason Kidd — whom L.A. will continue to ponder stealing before the deadline — came out like a rose. 

Vince Carter, however, did not. ‘Carter seems to be just playing right now,’ Jackson said before his team defeated the Nets, 105-90, last night at Izod Center. ‘Not playing with that fire that Jason seems to imbue in his game.’ And Jackson, who sympathized with Kobe Bryant’s desire for profound change in the Lakers roster a year ago — if they got what they wanted, Andrew Bynum would be gone by now — puts Kidd in the same category of star entitlement. Click here for more from the Newark Star Ledger.