Thursday , Feb , 07 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Steve Nash the Reason for the Shaquille O’Neal Trade

1. The Suns pulled the trigger because of Steve Nash far more than Pau Gasol.
Nash turns 34 on Thursday. There will be no alarm bells sounded in Phoenix to commemorate the occasion, since Nash has hushed pretty much every doubt about his durability by playing at an MVP level for the past three-plus seasons, but his bosses are realistic. They know that a team relying heavily on Nash and Grant Hill will likely only have a couple more cracks at the championship that has eluded this franchise for four decades.

‘We’ve got a few years here,’ Suns president Steve Kerr  acknowledged, ‘where we can really make a push.’ So…The trade might look like a direct reaction to the Lakers’ grand theft of Gasol from Memphis, but the Suns knew long before that heist that defending the post and cutting down on the buckets of second-chance points they surrender have been their downfall in the playoffs. Click here for more from