Thursday , Feb , 07 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Shawn Marion Better Suited for South Beach

In the first week of the season, after a game in Seattle, Shawn Marion approached me and said, ‘Can I talk to you a minute?’ We found an isolated spot in Key Arena and the Suns forward got right to the point. ‘Why are you killing me in print all the time?’ he said. ‘Do you have something personal against me?’ His tone was level. He was never threatening. He looked me in the eye.For a journalist, there is no way to win in that situation. It is impossible for a writer to recount every negative sentence he ever wrote about a player, nor counter it by conjuring up positive comments that were written over the years. I’m just not that quick. But I know this much and I told him: ‘Whatever I wrote about you, Shawn, it was never personal.’ Because it wasn’t.Click here for more from Sports Illustrated.