Monday , Feb , 11 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

The Jazz a Candidate to Land Ben Wallace

It should come as no surprise that the Bulls would at least try to trade Ben Wallace. Why wouldn’t they? They have two young guys (read: cheaper) playing better than he is, and if they can find somebody to take the $28.5 million he’s owed over the next two years off their books — again, why wouldn’t they? Apparently, the Bulls and Lakers discussed a scenario involving Wallace before the Lakers pulled off the Pau Gasol heist. There has been some discussion of a deal with the Knicks involving Jason Richardson and a bunch of other spare parts, but that appears to be just chatter.

The Chicago papers were swirling Sunday with a Wallace-to-Utah rumor that would fetch Andrei Kirilenko. Apparently, the Chicago media think the Jazz would look at Wallace as an answer to Shaquille O’Neal going to Phoenix and Gasol going to the Lakers.It makes some sense, except  that the Jazz are sizzling, winning nine of their last 10. Kirilenko has been pouty in the past, but he has been a steady contributor for most of the season. Click here for more from the Detroit News.