Thursday , Feb , 14 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Devean George Kept Jason Kidd in New Jersey

Jason Kidd was a Maverick for a moment. And he may yet be a Maverick before next week’s NBA trading deadline.  But for now, the intricate trade that would have brought the star point guard to Dallas on Wednesday was squashed even quicker than it took life over the course of a few tantalizing hours. The Mavericks and New Jersey had signed off on the swap that would have sent Devin Harris, four other players, draft picks and cash to the Nets.

If it wasn’t a done deal, it was on the lip of the  up.And then, it wasn’t. Devean George, one of the other players in the deal, and his agent elected to use a clause in his contract to block the trade. George would have had to give up his early Larry Bird rights, which in essence means he would have given up leverage in this summer’s free-agent period, for the trade to go through.  Click here for more from the Dallas Morning News.