Saturday , Feb , 16 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jamario Moon Guarantees Win in Dunk Contest

"I got it," Moon said. "I’ve got it in my pocket right now." Moon said smiling. "I believe in me and I’m sure those guys believe in what they do. But I think I’ve got some nice dunks. I’ve got a couple (in reserve) in case they do something crazy and make me go a little deeper into the hat. I believe in myself."

Moon, though, says he takes a back seat to Gay when it comes to stirring it up.

"I don’t think Rudy liked my YouTube video," Moon said. "He said he thought I was trying to call him out a little bit. It’s nothing personal."

Gay admitted he phoned Howard to talk a little trash a few days ago. Howard says it won’t alter his game. He did say he may be donning a slightly different uniform for at least one of his dunks. [Click here for more from Slam! Sports.]