Saturday , Feb , 16 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Carmelo Anthony Wants Ron Artest on Denver Nuggets

The big talk is the arms race in the West, and which team might be the next to bring in a star. Forward Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t mind if it’s the Nuggets, saying for the second time in three seasons he’d love to have Ron Artest as a teammate.

"I really believe that, if we get Ron Artest, that will make our team a lot more powerful, a lot more stronger, a lot deeper than we are right now," Anthony, a starting forward in the All-Star Game at New Orleans Arena, said about the possibility of the Nuggets acquiring the Sacramento forward.

"Ron Artest, you can’t go wrong with him. I don’t care what happened in the past and the off-the-court things. . . . On the court, he brings it every night."

Two years ago, when Artest was with Indiana and on the trading block, Anthony called for Denver to get him. But Artest went to Sacramento, where he has become yet another big-name player who could switch teams by Thursday’s trade deadline. [Click here for more from the Rocky Mountain News.]