Monday , Feb , 18 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Why is Lebron James ‘Fuming’ Mad?

LeBron James needs help, and he’s unhappy about not getting it.Saturday’s Mike Bibby trade, in which Sacramento sent him to Atlanta for four players, coupled with New Jersey still trying to move Jason Kidd to Dallas reportedly has James fuming.’San Antonio is the Western champion. We are the Eastern champion. Everyone talks about everyone else,’ James said in a sarcastic rant.

‘We’re not that good. That’s what everyone talks about. We beat Detroit. We didn’t beat Detroit; Detroit beat themselves. Washington was missing key guys, and New Jersey didn’t play up to their capabilities. Enough of the Cavs now.’You all got me a little upset.’Asked if his team needs to make a deal, James tried to be delicate: ‘If we can get better, you want to be in that position. This is nothing to do with any of my teammates I have in my locker room. They know I’d never disrespect their games. But as a competitor, if we can get better before (the trade deadline) Thursday, hopefully we can.Click here for more from the Chicago Tribune.