Monday , Feb , 18 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Shawn Marion a Short Timer in Miami

Pat Riley is too quiet.Yes, the news came over the weekend that he’s a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame. Yes, he made that big Shaquille O’Neal trade with Phoenix, which no one thought was possible. (O’Neal’s Suns debut, by the way, looks to be Wednesday at home against Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson, the latter of whom Shaq dubbed Benedict Arnold.

This is suddenly the premier game of the second half of the season, but I digress.)But if you tell me Riley is building a team around  Dwyane Wade and  Shawn Marion, I tell you that you don’t know Riley and you don’t know NBA history. Pat ‘Small Ball’ Riley? I don’t think so. Despite what they say in Miami, the consensus is the Heat will let Marion’s deal expire after next season and head for a big man like Elton Brand, a free agent after next season whom Riley tried to sign as a free agent in 2003. Click here for more from the Chicago Tribune.