Wednesday , Mar , 12 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Kidd Knocks the New Jersey Nets

Saying the Nets play on the ‘wrong side of the Hudson,’ Jason Kidd claimed his Jersey club never got its just due, and sounded wistful he never had the chance to save the Knicks and showcase his magical playmaking skills at the Garden. Kidd saved the Nets, playing just eight miles away at The Meadowlands. He guided Jersey upon his arrival to two straight Finals and six straight playoff berths. Many NBA insiders believe had Kidd accomplished the same stuff as a Knick, with his passing genius, they’d be building a statue of him outside 2 Penn Plaza.

Kidd acknowledged Isiah Thomas’ club is now ‘at the bottom of the barrel’ and wondered if James Dolan’s club has a real plan. But Kidd also wondered what might have been had he accomplished his Nets’ feats in a Knick uniform. ‘We were on the wrong side of the Hudson,’ Kidd lamented to a few New York writers late Monday night in an empty Maverick locker room after he torched the Knicks again. ‘We were on the right side. If we were on the left side, I think things would have been funer. There would’ve been a lot more attention. Click here for more from the New York Post.