Wednesday , Mar , 12 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Smush Parker Says Goodbye to Miami

The Clippers are interested in signing veteran point guard Smush Parker, waived recently by the Miami Heat, for the rest of the season, Clippers sources said. After a long standoff, he was waived Monday. ‘We are hoping for something good to happen, but I can’t comment on anything further than that,’ his agent, Billy Ceisler, said. The two parties have had discussions, but as of Tuesday no deal had been reached.

Parker would probably be signed to the prorated veteran’s minimum salary of $1.2 million.Before signing with Miami, Parker played two seasons with the Lakers, starting during much of his time there and averaging 11.3 points. The Clippers have targeted another NBA veteran point guard since buying out Sam Cassell’s contract last month and after Ronald ‘Flip’ Murray passed them over to sign with the Indiana Pacers. Parker, 26, played in only nine games with the Heat this season and had been on paid leave since a Nov. 27 incident with a Miami valet parking attendant. Click here for more from the Los Angeles Times.