Friday , Mar , 14 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Will Deron Williams Be one of the Best Ever?

He is no John Stockton. Jazz coach Jerry Sloan makes that point over and over, continuously mentioning — whenever someone tries linking the two — that Basketball Hall of Fame-bound Stockton played 19 NBA seasons and apparent superstar-in-the-making Deron Williams is in just his third. But there’s something beyond mere longevity separating the two, and that’s this: Williams loves to shout out plays on his own accord, and Sloan readily permits it; Stockton, even late in his career, didn’t do that much at all, typically preferring to look back at his coach for the call.

‘He’s done a good job of running plays, executing for us, getting us into stuff we need to run,’ Sloan said of Williams, who actually started calling more and more on his own during last season’s second half. Whereas Sloan was calling everything when backup Ronnie Price played in Wednesday’s win at Milwaukee, starting point guard Williams called about 10 for every one by Sloan.That ratio did tighten, though, when the game did the same in Wednesday’s second half.’We were struggling for a little bit out there trying to find the right set,’ Williams said, ‘so I looked to him to see what he wanted.’ Click here for more from the Deseret Morning News.