Sunday , Mar , 16 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Kobe Bryant not Inspired by Houston Rockets

Bryant was asked if the Rockets’ winning streak fuels his fire any more.

"Naw, it’s already there," Bryant said. "That has nothing to do with it. They’ve earned a 21-game winning streak. That’s all them. That’s to their credit."

McGrady told the local media here that he believes Bryant would like nothing better than to be on the team that snaps Houston’s streak.

The 1971-72 Lakers hold the NBA record for the longest winning streak, at 33 in a row.

If nothing else, Bryant could ensure that his franchise continues to hold onto the record.

"I don’t care about that streak," Bryant said. "The West is so competitive. We’re just really trying to win each game." [The Press-Enterprise]