Sunday , Mar , 16 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Jason Kidd Making Measurable Impact on Dallas Mavericks

No one doubted that when Kidd came to Dallas, the Mavericks’ passing game would improve. Kidd has the fifth-most assists in NBA history, and by the end of next season he could be second behind former Utah guard John Stockton.

Before Kidd’s arrival, the Mavericks ranked in the bottom 10 in assists with 19.9 per game. But in the 13 games with Kidd, who is averaging 10.2 with Dallas, the Mavericks have averaged 24.2 assists a game. If they had been on that pace the entire season, they would rank third in the league.

The clichéd definition of a superstar is that he makes everyone on the team better. Kidd has gone one step further — he’s made everyone on the team better passers.

"Everybody’s passing the ball, or attempting to," Kidd said. "I’ve always felt even if it’s a turnover and you’re attempting to do the right thing, that can only make the team better. It’s hard to guard the pass. When the ball’s moving around and everybody’s touching it, everybody’s in tune to the game. You never know the ball is coming your way. [The Star-Telegram]