Saturday , Mar , 29 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Toronto Raptors Thinking of Moving TJ Ford?

But it’s become more and more difficult to make an argument that’s been long defended by this corner: that Ford is the ideal point guard of this team’s future.

Yes, he remains explosively talented and merely 25 years old. But the past six weeks spent slouching and sneering through a stint as Jose Calderon’s backup haven’t done much for Ford’s stock as a team-first No.1.

Far more grave, Ford’s season of scary spinal-related injuries has made it impossible for the Raptors to ponder parting with Calderon, who, at age 26, continues to shore up his all-star-worthy skill set.

Predicting injuries is grim business, and certainly all of us are day-to-day. But Ford – who has suffered from a couple of contact-related injuries connected to his chronic case of spinal stenosis, a congenital narrowing of the spine that leaves him exposed to a greater-than-average risk of spinal injuries – is a little more day-to-day than the average NBAer. [The Star]