Sunday , Mar , 30 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Sam Cassell to Stay with Boston Celtics as Assistant Coach?

Or he might decide to try to play another season at age 39. "I feel pretty good right now," Cassell said. "If I was still playing with the Clippers and my season ended like their season is going to end, it’d be my last year. But I like these guys."

One of those guys he likes is Rivers. Cassell already has decided what his next career move will be – coaching – and having been here only a month, he is intrigued by the prospect of joining Rivers’s staff. The two already have talked about it, although nothing firm is in place.

"Basketball is my passion," Cassell said. "With me, you like to get paid for what you do, but this is my passion. I’ve been wanting to be a head coach in this league for a while. Just don’t be surprised if I leave this game as a player that I might be right up here with Doc on the staff." [Boston Globe]