Tuesday , Apr , 01 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Donnie Walsh Unhappy about James Dolan’s Media Policy

Walsh continues to negotiate with Dolan over three key issues: whether he’ll have autonomy, the team’s media policy and Isiah Thomas’ future. Dolan would prefer to have Thomas remain as coach, which will not happen if Walsh is running the Knicks. At the very least, Dolan wants Thomas to remain in the organization in a still-to-be determined role.

Walsh will have the power to hire a general manager as well as a coach and will have the final say on all player transactions. As for the media policy, there is a possibility that Walsh is looking for a scenario where the team’s media relations officials report directly to him.

Dolan has created a culture where the players complain about having their conversations monitored and where they are looking over their shoulders to see who is listening to them. [NY Daily News]