Saturday , Apr , 12 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Will Andrew Bynum Return for Playoffs?

Andrew Bynum sounded somber about a possible return from a left kneecap injury that has kept him out since Jan. 13.

He flew to New York on Wednesday to see his personal doctor, who told Bynum he had not been cleared to progress to full contract drills.

Now the question becomes not so much if Bynum will return for the playoffs, but if he’ll play at all this season.

"We’ve hit a bunch of targets. But as of right now, nah, I don’t see a target for me," Bynum said. "You have to know when to hurry back in your season (and not risk not having) a long career, which I plan on having. So I don’t want to come back and make something serious happen." [The Press-Enterprise]