Friday , Apr , 25 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Mike Bibby not Finished Talking

“Kendrick Perkins had something to say about me, and I don’t know where he all of a sudden got this tough streak from,” said Bibby, one of just two Hawks with playoff experience before this year (Joe Johnson is the other). “But his stat line was worse than mine (actually Perk was 1-for-3). I might have had a game like that, but I haven’t really seen him do much in his career, so until he does something and shows me something, I really don’t think he should say something. I didn’t go at anybody on the team, and I still wouldn’t, but he came at me. Anybody else, I’d take a little thing, but him? ”

When the media, playing well the role of 12-year-old kids in the schoolyard, brought that to Perkins, he looked up and said, “And then what? Man, I ain’t got no comment for him. I’m just trying to win the game. I’m still going to go to sleep tonight, so it really don’t bother me either way.” [Boston Herald]