Saturday , Apr , 26 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

DeShawn: There’s a Rivalry; LeBron: No There Isn’t

Stevenson, therefore, doesn’t buy it when James claims there is no "DeShawn-LeBron rivalry."

"Obviously there is," Stevenson said after Friday’s practice. "If he’s doing my move in Cleveland."

James, speaking a few minutes afterward, again was dismissive of such talk.

"There is no rivalry. Seriously," James said. "There’ll never be a rivalry between me and DeShawn."

Now that the playoffs are well under way — Cleveland takes a 2-1 lead into Sunday’s Game 4 — neither player wants to talk about the details of their tiff. Stevenson, though, took some satisfaction when the Verizon Center crowd chanted "Ov-er-rated!" at James during Thursday’s game. [Sports Illustrated]