Friday , May , 02 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

76ers Hope to Extend Maurice Cheeks

Whatever was coming in last night’s Game 6 of the Sixers’ first-round playoff series with the Detroit Pistons would not change that. Stefanski, confirming his plans yesterday, described the work of Cheeks and his staff as "excellent" and a discussion about another extension as "a natural move."

"When I took the job [in early December], I didn’t know Maurice, but I’ve been very happy with what I’ve seen," Stefanski said. "When I gave him the 1-year extension – and I know some people felt I should have done more – I felt it was a reward. I’ve been very happy since then, too.

"To me, it’s only natural to sit down with him at whatever point our season is over and talk about things, see where his head is. And when I talk about him, I always like to mention the staff [assistants Jim Lynam, Henry Bibby, John Loyer and Bernie Smith], because they’ve done it together. [Philadelphia Daily News]