Saturday , May , 10 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Denver Nuggets Willing to Trade Carmelo Anthony?

While the Nuggets have given no indication they will actively shop Anthony, the constant drama in the life of their 23-year-old forward has become the source of enough frustration within team headquarters that Denver would be willing to listen if somebody made a trade offer too good to refuse for Melo. The problem? In a league where stars such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James dominate, it’s difficult to come out ahead when trading a singular immense talent for any combination of players and draft picks.

Denver will not stand pat. With a draft choice late in the first round, it’s believed the Nuggets are eyeing North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson. The team also is known to have recently scouted young European center Marc Gasol, currently property of the Memphis Grizzlies and a prospect who might be ready to emerge from the shadow of his big brother with the Lakers. [Denver Post]