Wednesday , May , 14 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Robert Horry: Greg Popovich Is a Better Coach than Phil Jackson

In Horry’s opinion, Popovich ranks at the very top among the coaches who worked during the 16 years Horry has played in the NBA.

Though three of Horry’s seven championship rings were earned under Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who has won nine titles as head coach of the Michael Jordan-era Bulls and the Shaquille O’Neal-era Lakers, he gives Popovich the nod over Jackson.

“Phil wouldn’t yell at the top dogs,” Horry said. “Pop will yell at the top dogs, just like he yells at the bottom dogs. That’s the biggest key. And Pop preaches defense a little more than Phil.

“If you’d have given Pop all the talent Phil had, I think he’d have more rings than Phil.” [My San Antonio]