Saturday , Jul , 12 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Clippers Offering Emeka Okafor $12 Million a Year?

Still, there’s no sense reaching free agency unless you’re open to changing teams. The flavor of the moment is the Clippers, whose loss of Elton Brand leaves them short a power forward but holding abundant salary-cap room.

I’m told it would be no problem for the Clippers to start a contract in the $10million to $12million range, so with annual raises they could offer at least as much as the Bobcats did.

The Clippers had Smith in for a visit, and he seems to be their priority. Smith is smaller than Okafor, but more of a runner and leaper.

You sign Okafor to get more rugged, and the Clippers already have a big-bodied rebounder in center Chris Kaman. Maybe they’re thinking Smith’s dunking and shot-blocking have appeal for a franchise always challenged to sell tickets.