Monday , Aug , 04 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Paul Pierce Was Handcuffed During Traffic Stop in Las Vegas

Paul Pierce Was Handcuffed During Traffic Stop in Las Vegas
News broke yesterday that Paul Pierce had been pulled over by Las Vegas police, subjected to a series of field sobriety tests, and allowed to leave without a citation.  Now, however, it turns out that things weren’t quite as civil as the initial reports suggest, with Pierce being restrained for a quarter of an hour.  Bill Cassell, a spokesperson for the LVPD, claimed that while he didn’t know the exact story behind the cuffing, it generally occurs when "an individual is loudly hostile."

You know when people tend to become loudly hostile?  When the police pull them over for something they didn’t do, then proceed to subject them to a series of humiliating tests in public.  Given that Pierce passed every single one in addition to a breathalyzer, it’s no wonder he was a little peeved.  Evidently, he was deemed sufficiently mad that the police felt it justified a cuffing.

“You have to remember he’s a big guy,” Cassell said.

Well, that’s certainly reason enough to slap a pair on the dude.  Cassell went on to claim that the Truth "rapidly calmed down" and was released after fifteen minutes.  Let’s not forget that through all of this, Pierce was at no point arrested or cited for any infraction.

“We don’t cite everybody we stop,” Cassell said. “Sometimes we give just a verbal warning. It’s based on the totality of the circumstances.”  

While I’m no legal expert, I can guess why they didn’t cite P.P. in this instance: He didn’t do anything illegal.  Still, as long as the police consider DWB a crime, I’m sure they’ll manage to find some way to embarrass law-abiding NBA players while they go about their business.