Thursday , Aug , 14 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Woody Allen: I Hope the Knicks Become Fun Again

Woody Allen: I Hope the Knicks Become Fun AgainBut there’s a difference between being better and being fun to watch. A workmanlike team that wins games is not necessarily a team that is fun to watch. What I’d like the Knicks to develop into is a team that’s fun and that’s colorful and that you really like to watch every night, which is the way they were many years ago. It was fun to watch them, because they didn’t just pile up wins in unappealing ways.

AVC: Like the [San Antonio] Spurs.

WA: Yeah. I’d really rather be entertained and have them come in second than be bored stiff and see them grind to a first-place finish.

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Do you agree with Woody that the Knicks should look to be entertaining if they can’t contend for championships?  Would you rather they tried to assemble a Spurs-type team?  Do you think he should stick to making films rather than commenting on hoops?  Let us know in the box below.