Sunday , Aug , 17 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Ricky Rubio ‘bigger and better’ than Pete Maravich?

Ricky Rubio 'bigger and better' than Pete Maravich? As much as anything, it is the floppy hair and long, scrawny body that rushes everyone back to Pistol Pete. His game is bigger and better, shorter on scoring ability and longer on leadership and defense. That’s the thing that stays with everyone: the innateness of his defense. Some dare dismiss him as style over substance, but those aren’t the people who’ve watched him closest.

“He’s an exceptional talent who’s doing and playing at a level over and above his age,” Moscow Dynamo coach David Blatt said. “I would say that Ricky looks more like Pistol than he plays like him. Maybe the biggest thing about him is his ability to change a game on defense, just wreak havoc on an opponent’s offense. But he doesn’t do it in a conventional way. He’ll let you go by him and run behind you and steal the ball. He roams all over the place, creating chaos and making things happen out of nowhere.”

Yahoo! Sports

Isn’t this getting a little silly now?  After years of hype, Ricky Rubio is, at the ripe old age of seventeen, being compared favourably with one of the greatest point guards in NBA history.  So, is there something we don’t know?  Is there a good reason people are getting so excited about the talented Spaniard?  Or is this just another case of excessive expectations?  Let us know what you think in the comment section.