Tuesday , Aug , 26 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Baron Davis: Ricky Rubio is ‘a gem’; I Want to Play in 2012

Baron Davis: Ricky Rubio is 'a gem'; I Want to Play in 2012BTW, Spain balled their asses off – can’t wait till Rubio makes it to the league. He’s a gem. Portland should be nice too, with Oden AND Rudy Fernandez coming in (did you see that nasty one-hand over Dwight Howard, are you kidding???)

But I’m so proud of our guys. That was truly the way to rep Red White and Blue. It would be an honor to play for the gold in London 2012 to keep the Olympic title where it belongs, here in the US. What a dream come true. I can hear the crowd now chanting: USA USA USA!