Monday , Sep , 01 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Stephon Marbury Drops to 200 Pounds

 However, Stephon Marbury Stephon Marbury , despite dropping to 200 pounds, continues to be on thin ice and is a candidate for the waiver wire.

The Rockets have no interest in the 31-year-old Weis, who’s playing in Spain with Bilbao after spurning the NBA after the Knicks drafted him n the first round in 1999 over Artest. Ewing used to coach in Houston and out of respect, the Rockets didn’t want to release his son. When they acquired Ewing Jr., he had no chance of making their roster.

"(Ewing Jr.) will have an opportunity here to compete for a spot on our roster," Walsh said. "He is a solid defensive player and a very good athlete."

New York Post