Saturday , Sep , 06 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Monta Ellis Injured in Motorcycle Accident?

Monta Ellis Injured in Motorcycle Accident?Let’s start with the facts: Monta Ellis recently blew out his deltoid ligament, an injury which will see him sidelined for a minimum of three months.  Ellis claimed that he did the damage playing pick-up in Mississippi, an account which was immediately disputed on the grounds that it’s nigh-on impossible to tear that particular ligament while hooping.

Still, Monta stuck to his story long enough for talk to die down, only for a second report to appear noting that the deltoid tear was accompanied by numerous cuts and abrasions on the leg.  Regardless, even through the date of his surgery Ellis maintained that he was merely balling when he hurt himself .

Now, however, reliable sources are reporting that he has finally come clean and admitted that the injury "happened outdoors and not while playing basketball."  Considerably less reliable sources are repeating the rumor that Monta committed one of the NBA’s cardinal sins in riding a motorcycle, tearing his deltoid and suffering a severe high ankle sprain in an accident.  While we’ve yet to determine a trustworthy point of origin for the motorcycle theory, you won’t have to search far to find someone who swears it’s true.

If false (and we have to assume that it is until real evidence appears), it’s likely the rumor originated in a misreading of articles which note that riding a motorcycle would be grounds for the termination of Ellis’ contract.  Add to that the fact that scratches were discovered on his legs, and you have more than enough information to fuel a rumor of this ilk.

For Monta’s sake, let’s hope there is no substance to the report.  If it transpires that he did ride a motorbike, however, the league’s reigning MIP could see his $66,000,000 deal disappear before he sees a cent of it.