Thursday , Sep , 18 , 2008 C.Y. Ellis

Wizards, Warriors Not Interested in Jamaal Tinsley; Who Is?

Wizards, Warriors Not Interested in Jamaal Tinsley; Who Is?Today’s report from the Indy Star reveals that another two teams have decided not to make a play for the talented but troubled Jamaal Tinsley.  With Monta Ellis and Gilbert Arenas recovering from injuries of varying severity, you’d have thought that the Warriors and Wizards would be excited by the prospect of acquiring a top-tier point guard for peanuts.  Tinsley’s reputation as a problem player, however, has evidently scared them off.

Carter asked about Jamaal Tinsley because the Wizards are down to two point guards – Antonio Daniels and Dee Brown.

Larry Bird and David Morway are anxiously waiting for the phone conversation with a fellow league GM that has the two sides agreeing to a trade involving Tinsley. Carter didn’t think the Wizards would be that team because Tinsley has three years and $21 million left on his contract.

Carter told me a few hours later that the Wizards have zero interest in

So, where will Tinsley end up?  Larry Bird is evidently willing to trade his point guard for a hot dog vendor and a bucket of ice, but still nobody is taking the bait.  Could we see him leave the Indiana Pacers by way of a buy-out?  Let us know what you think will become of Jamaal Tinsley in the comment section below.